Network Infrastructure




Proper network installation is a keystone process to establishing your IT infrastructure. Although you may feel comfortable with technology and consider yourself to be relatively tech savvy, the intricate enterprise of network installation is best left to a competent and experienced IT professional. The skilled staff at GHT is constantly educating themselves on the latest technology, and network installation practices.

Our network installation professionals make sure your cables and components are current and comply with industry best practices. They also make sure the entire network installation is fully tested and as fail proof as possible.


Network Installation

The security of your network should be of peak importance to any business. You cannot afford to lose the critical information that your company relies on for its continued productivity and growth. Having your network installation performed by GHT ensures your entire IT infrastructure is as safe and secure as possible. Our technicians monitor and track the health and security of your network and proactively find and patch possible vulnerabilities.

Network Cabling

Installing network cabling can be one of the most intricate steps of establishing your IT infrastructure. Don't try to attack a bird nest of networking cables on your own, let a trained IT support technician save you the arduous hours and headaches. GHT technicians are all highly experienced in doing computer network cabling and structured wiring. Structured computer cabling installations performed by a GHT technician ensures a stable base from which to build a successful IT infrastructure.

Wireless Networking

Does your IT network require more flexibility than can be afforded by cables or cords? GHT wireless network installation professionals can expand the range of your current network. We can install secure wireless access points to your office network so your laptop users are not tethered to their desks. If your business is a hospitality service or storefront we can setup wireless hotspots so you can provide your customers free Wi-Fi. All while safeguarding your wireless network from outside intrusions.

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